Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mormon Radio:
Mother Daughter Relationships

My mom and I recently had the opportunity to participate in radio interviews focused on mother-daughter relationships.  The interviews, with Matthew O. Richardson of the Sunday School general presidency, took place in the Mormon Radio studios in downtown Salt Lake City.

During the first interview (you can click on the link to listen) we talk about how the gospel of Jesus Christ helps mothers and young daughters create and maintain meaningful relationships.

The second interview focused on ways the gospel of Jesus Christ helps mothers and adult daughters create and maintain meaningful relationships while avoiding pitfalls and dangers in the relationship.

Host Matthew O. Richardson

My mom, Elaine Dalton, Young Women General President,
answers a question during the interview.


Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

Hi Sister Edgley, I was listening to this radio segment yesterday and heard you mention a book called Journey of the Heart. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind advising the Author and confirming if this is the actual title. It sounded very interesting. I long to have a mother/daughter relationship with my two girls as you have with your any other books you would recommend or that your Mother has in the past recommended to you, would be much appreciated. If you are on Goodreads that would be great too! I'm on there as "redbow". Both of my girls are young, and I'm a good mom, but feel I can always be better! I look forward to reading more of your blog and gleaning wisdom from some of your book reviews and enjoying the puppy pics too! God Bless - Sister Goulder

Emi Edgley said...

Sister Goulder: Thank you for your sweet comment. You can find more information on The Heart's Journey (one of my favorite books) right here on my blog! Best, Emi

Emi Edgley said...

Also, you may notice that i have grouped a few book reviews on the left sidebar under "Recommended Reading." Feel free to look them over! Perhaps there are other books we love that may be of interest.