Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Beautiful Earth
Reminds Me to Make Good Choices

Louisa's was asked to speak in Primary this past Sunday. I love her words and reasoning:

Every summer my family goes to Jackson Lake. And we see how beautiful the world is. When I see the animals and the trees, the lakes and mountains, I am reminded that Jesus created all of this world.

It must have taken so long for Jesus to make the world so beautiful!

When I see the mountains, they remind me of the temple. I want to choose the right so that I can get married in the temple someday.

When I hike in the mountains it reminds me of the pioneers. Pioneer children knew they were getting closer to the temple.

When I see a clear lake, it reminds me of choosing the right or getting baptized.

When I see the moon and the stars it reminds me to say my prayers.

In nature when it is quiet, I can feel the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost reminds me of Jesus and the beautiful earth that he made. I am so glad that the beautiful earth reminds me to make good choices.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Recommended Reading
for Princesses in Training

Today I sent out a query via Facebook:

A few of the books recommended by friends grace our bookshelves:
Fanny's Dream - We can't read Fanny's Dream without being reminded of how, despite life's ordinary beauty, it is so wonderful to have a prince-in-plain-clothes for a husband/dad.
The Paper Bag Princess - I love the message that our lives can take unexpected twists and turns and yet, still end "happily ever after." This book was given to our girls by their loving aunt Vickie years ago. So appropriate, now that I look back at the twists and turns our lives have taken in the span of years that have followed! For those who have read this book, do you think this book was the origin of that best-compliment-of-all, "You would look great even in a paper bag"?
Falling for Rapunzel and Waking Beauty - both darling twists on princess tales that are laugh-out-loud funny.
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? - as my friend Kathryn said, this book "teaches the child that the princess is inside of them!" Plus, I love the idea of a princess being strong and active!
The Very Fairy Princess - a silly view of the life of a girl who believes she is a fairy princess, because she feels it deep inside! This tale shows that "real life fairy princesses" skin their knees and yet can still find ways to "sparkle."


I loved hearing people's recommendations! Some of the books shared that we have not read include:
The True Princess by Angela Hunt - a true princess is not the one who is beautiful, dressed in fine gowns, being waited on & pampered by servants. A true princess is one who is kind, loving, humble, and a servant.
The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop - about the importance of purity.
Princess Furball - variant of the Cinderella story, where a nurse teaches the princess "to be strong and capable and clever, besides being beautiful."
God's Wisdom for Little Girls - Biblical verses from Proverbs 31 applied to our modern-day lives.
The Way Home, A Princess Story by Max Lucado - a story of God's redemptive love. From the book, "Princess Anna, adopted by the king in her infancy and now a young woman, is intrigued by the world that lies beyond the lush, green hills of the kingdom. When Anna seeks to satisfy her curiosity, she falls under the influence of the Lowlanders and begins to resemble their haggard style. Never to let a child slip away that easily, the king follows her, and trades his life for hers in order to provide her with a way back home. Despite the king's sacrifice, the choice to return home is ultimately Anna's to make."
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - An African variant of the Cinderella story, where two sisters, who are both beautiful, are invited by the King to his palace, where one will be chosen as his wife. The beauty of one sister is only external, while the internal beauty of the daughter chosen as worthy to be the King's wife, shines through in her kindness and generosity.
Daughter of a King - teaches children their divine identity, while reminding us, as adults, how we should behave.


Some books that look fun for the 3-5 year old aspiring princess:
Willa the Wonderful - Willa, a pig, wants to be a fairy princess. A fun book suited for younger children.
Belinda the Ballerina - never give up, follow your dreams!


One of our personal favorite "princess" books (not mentioned on Facebook, and given to our family by loving cousins) is The Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury. This tale is about a how love always protects. The King selects a Knight for his daughter (the princess) to marry. The Knights make it through a series of tests. For the last test, the King asks them to pretend the princess is riding with them on their horse. They are to then ride as fast and hard as they can toward a cliff. "We will see which of you can take the princess closest to the cliff without going over the edge." The first two knights come shockingly close to the edge of the cliff. The third knight remains calm and whispers "I can do everything through God who gives me strength." But when the King asks him to perform the test, he says "Your majesty, I love the princess. She is more precious to me than anything in the kingdom...I wouldn't take her anywhere near that cliff."

I would love to hear if you have added recommendations
or would like to further endorse a book listed above!
Feel free to speak up - send your comments my way!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"What My Mother Means to Me"
Essay Contest

Each year, American Mothers, Inc. sponsors a National Essay Contest, "What My Mother Means to Me."

Would your child &/or 5th grade students at your child's school like to participate? Original essays (150 words or less) are due by February 10th.
2011 Essay Contest Winner, Andrea Perez from Oklahoma
Forms and regulations are available at the American Mother's website, or feel free to leave a comment here if you would like additional information!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sledding at Sugarhouse

Lesson Learned This Day: Cherished memories can be made even when the laundry pile at home is high. The key is to walk away, join in on the fun, and forget about all the work that awaits!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Afternoon Fun!

I love so many things about this video:
  1. This is the kind of fun that uses creativity (which, to quote Ella, "is celebrated at our house") but, thankfully is the kind of entertainment that does not make a mess (messes too often are the byproduct of creative endeavors around here)! 
  2. Louisa's laugh is showcased. Her laughter is contagious and lends such a bright, happy air to our home. 
  3. The video shows the silly, sweet and supportive nature of the friendship Ella and Louisa share… which, to me, is the real "magic" behind this little trick.

P.S. My embarrassment over the "wahoo" toward the end will (hopefully) keep me from commentary in future films.