Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Beautiful Earth
Reminds Me to Make Good Choices

Louisa's was asked to speak in Primary this past Sunday. I love her words and reasoning:

Every summer my family goes to Jackson Lake. And we see how beautiful the world is. When I see the animals and the trees, the lakes and mountains, I am reminded that Jesus created all of this world.

It must have taken so long for Jesus to make the world so beautiful!

When I see the mountains, they remind me of the temple. I want to choose the right so that I can get married in the temple someday.

When I hike in the mountains it reminds me of the pioneers. Pioneer children knew they were getting closer to the temple.

When I see a clear lake, it reminds me of choosing the right or getting baptized.

When I see the moon and the stars it reminds me to say my prayers.

In nature when it is quiet, I can feel the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost reminds me of Jesus and the beautiful earth that he made. I am so glad that the beautiful earth reminds me to make good choices.

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Ann Barlow said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog!