Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is Steve's dad's birthday! We celebrated yesterday with a lovely dinner and sweet tributes.

Grandpa received birthday hugs from his local grandchildren, as well as some touching cards.

We laughed so hard (and are still giggling now, in fact) when dad read Steve's letter out loud and ended the dictation with "Love your son, Stan." Steve says, "Now every time I write my name, I chuckle."

Louisa's Drawing

Ella's Letter
Ella wrote (spelling errors maintained):

Dear Grandpa,
Happy Birthday
I have loved all the fun filled hours we have spent together this year. I remember all of the smokey summer barbaques, your face when B.Y.U. wins a game, and most of all fun in the sun in Mexico. I am verry greatful that your surgery went well. These are golden years and I wish we could freeze time, but obviously we can't. Other than this I am not going to mention polotics. Do you remember when you used to push me in the swing high up into the cherry tree. I love hearing your talks and stories from around the world. And I hope the future is this bright.
Happy Birthday

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Lori Conger, said...

Love your blog, Emi. It is nearly as extraordinary as you are! Looking forward to working with and learning from you. With admiration and love, Lori