Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Father's Praise for His Daughter,
On Her 12th Birthday

by Steve Edgley

As you know it's actually Ella's birthday today and as a father I have been reflecting on this day 12 years ago when I was a new father. At that time, looking at Ella, we committed to raise her to the light, so to speak. But looking back over the years it's actually been Ella who has brought the light in many ways into our family.

Ella is sweet, she is intelligent, she is talented, and she is kind. She espouses the 13th article of faith in that if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, she seeks after these things.
Just to share a little more about Ella, we love the outdoors, and we have done many activities in the outdoors, from hiking, biking, skiing, waterskiing, rafting and kayaking. We have seen our share of good weather and sunny days. We have also seen bad weather days. But over the years, Ella has learned that you can have just as much fun singing and skipping in the rain as in the sun. Ella seems to know not to let external forces like the weather influence her happiness. She also seems to know that in life it's not always good weather, or smooth sailing, but that doesn't have ruin her day or impact her ability to find joy and happiness.  

Ella has brought light and joy to our lives and she's a tough little outdoors woman. I am excited to see her entering this new phase of life.


Alissa and Brandon Owen Family said...


This has been one of my favorite posts yet. You are such a talented writer (mother, friend, inspirer, woman). I have never left a comment, but I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us mothers who are, as Linda Eyre (a big fan and friend of her) so poignantly wrote, "in the trenches." You are a beautiful, loving example of all that is good in the world. Thank you for sharing and thank you for always been so nice to me (beginning with our Chi O) days. I am and always will be a big fan. Love, Alissa (formerly Redd) Owen

Noémi Kereki said...

Dear Emi,

I'm so happy I finally found you! I didn't even know you had a blog. And what a blog! I have so many posts to read, but I'm already in love. How is it possible that so many good writers and speakers were born into your family?! You, your Mom and Melissa!
Michelle and Melissa have talked about you so much and so kindly, I can't wait to meet you one day.
Oh, yes, and I just wanted to ask you to write more, this is a great blog, you are a great person and we would love to read more.

With love,